Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Converting your driving license to Singapore License

Singapore Traffic Police Website gives a complete and updated information on Driving License conversion process.

I became a Singapore PR recently and hope this might help someone who wish to convert theirs too. If you are a Visa holder and intend to get PR, please get your license converted first because PRs need to undergo the procedures prescribed by Traffic Police Singapore to get a license which is very tedious.

Monday, September 15, 2008

About : Singapore PR

This is written for the foreigners who are aiming to get PR in singapore .

Please check the : http://www.ica.gov.sg/ for the latest official information.

Please visit the document required column. Give more importancy every document.

As of my experience,
1) Education - Those who have Bachelor or Masters deg, will be ok. But who hold the Diploma with S pass, Try to submit all the certificate including some training courses taken in singapore.
2) Experiece
3) Salary
4) Years stayed in singapore
These are the major factor to get PR.

Esp, If the designations like software engg, fCA inance department will have highier chance to get PR in the first try. So when you get the job, you try to ask for the suitable designation this will also act as a factor.

Try to stay in singapore about 1 + year with the Bacheor degree and apply for the PR. If you held S pass with lesser qualification, try to stay long period( about 2+ years ) then apply.

Dont forgot to pay Income tax . This will make lot of trouble if you missed the income tax submission. For example,if you join a company at the end of the year, dont assume yourself that no need to submit the income tax. You must submit the income tax submission in anycase.

You company supporting letter will strengthen the application. But some times, you may not able to get it form the company, you jus leave it. It is needed, but if you have better qualification, then it is not needed.

Now, ICA made some rules that, you must get the appointment before you to ICA to apply. So make sure you got the appointment before you go to the ICA.

And the people whose PR application got rejected, nothing to worry. You can give a next try in next 6 month. But if any of you releations are in singapore, then you can appeal the rejection with the letter from the releatives and if company provides the letter. You must appeal with in the two month of the rejection date. You also may contact the CC ( Local comunity center),
Every week the MP of the consitiuation will meet the peoples at one day Usually wednesday or thursday. You can contact that office , they will provide more info about PR appeal.

And, when ever you applyPR or anything, you better take the photo copy of the whole application. Because, when you go the reapply or renew , you may need those info. Dont give different info at every time.

Wish you all the best .

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